dirty laundry


One of the biggest crisis that occurs in a hostel during your engineering life, is the underwear crisis. This is a big challenge and a pain. You need to wash your undergarments and other clothes timely in order not to run out of them. And, those who are not used to this, like myself, usually complain and cry a lot about it. The good thing about home is that, apart from the amazing food you get there, there is always a washing machine or at least someone who willingly washes your clothes (Maybe not willingly, but you get the point).

Hostels can get really weird at times. One of my friend’s was once scolded by her warden for washing her laundry at 3 am in the night. Firstly, why at 3 am? And secondly, who scolds and gets pissed at people for washing clothes? Both of them weirdos. 😛

Some people go crazy about the fact that they have to wash their undergarments and all so regularly and like my friend, what they do is, when it’s time to go home on a vacation, they take all their dirty clothes and put them in a separate bag, and carry another bag with clean clothes, then they take yet another empty bag with them so that they can get back some food from their home sweet home. To me, they don’t really have to carry so many bags, like the separate bag  with the dirty laundry, but yes, the empty suitcase is very essential. It is a bag of hopes. Just imagine, you are all set to go home, your parents are eagerly waiting to finally meet you after so long. They buy all the essential snacks and drinks, and they prepare your favourite dishes. You finally reach home, and your mother is overjoyed to see you. With tears of joy in her eyes she comes to embrace you, but before that happens you say to her, “Mommy, dirty laundry in this bag alert! Please get it washed for me.” Well, poor mommy. I hope no one does that. 😛

Washing your undergarments actually teaches you how to manage your time. In this dreadful challenge, you have to calculate how many undergarments you have left with you, how long they are going to last, and when is the best time to wash the dirty ones. If it’s your exam time, like the semester exams, then you need to wash them up, and if you have only 3-4 undergarments left then get to it immediately. This, I learnt the hard way.

But yes, it does improve your management skills in some way at least. This is me trying to find the good in having to wash my dirty laundry.

Nah, I still hate it. 😀

I’m pretty sure all those who hate washing their laundry will get used to it soon. I finally understand my mother’s pain when it comes to having to wash the dirty clothes. I complain when it comes to washing my own clothes, she deals with the entire family’s clothes man.

Still hate it though. 😛








The hostel demons are those who interfere with almost everything that you do. They snatch away your freedom, and they expect you to listen to everything they say even if it sounds ludicrous. Like scavengers, these demons come and confiscate everything they find inappropriate or against the “hostel rules”. And sometimes, they even take away things they simply develop a liking for. Thieves !! -.-

The demons/thieves are also known as WARDENS.

During festivals like Diwali and Holi, the wardens are given orders to prevent any kind of celebrations  from happening inside the hostel. Even birthday parties are not allowed. In fact, some colleges even charge students with a colossal fine if caught celebrating birthday parties.  Because, being born and celebrating the one day that is special to you and your loved ones is such a transgression.

Diwali is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil. For us hostellers, the wardens are the real Raavans. Every single person in the hostel wishes for them to crash and burn in hell.

P.S. : Even here there is going to be at least one jerk who will act like the warden’s puppy. Any kind of violation of hostel rules is brought to the warden’s knowledge by this moron.

Now let me narrate a very cool Diwali story to you.


It was finally the time of the year when India lights up and adds aesthetic beauty to our already beautiful Mother Earth. The festival of lights, the most awaited festival was here and we had succeeded in sneaking in firecrackers into the hostel. Pretty much every other hosteller had done it. A few people had cleaned and decorated their rooms, and had lit up diyas as well. Traditional clothes could be seen everywhere and an ecstatic feeling lingered in the atmosphere. Deep inside we all knew that it was going to be a blast later that night. Literally. 

After the normal Diwali celebrations, war broke out between our hostel and the adjacent hostel. Our neighbours had fire power. We had brains. They threw a light bulb on us and broke the hostel window, we aimed rockets at them and threw fire crackers at them with accuracy. Fire crackers and slangs were being  exchanged in full swing. We were pumped up with adrenaline and, our egos would not let us give in to our neighbours. Hence, we did not give up. To get a better aim, we went to our hostel’s terrace. We climbed up to the highest part. From there we spotted a guy sitting on the terrace of our adjacent hostel. This was the perfect chance to show them that we were the best (It was a really stupid thing to do honestly. Throwing fire crackers around on others is a very serious thing but, I still can’t figure out how or why this war broke out in the first place, and why we so willingly participated in it.) Anyway, to prove our superiority, we took out the loudest cracker that we had. Everything was in place and everyone was in position. On the count of three, we lit it and tossed it towards the guy. The cracker carried all our hopes in it. It had the potential to bring the trophy home. It traced the perfect trajectory and fell right on the persons’s lap, and then……… BOOM !! Our aim was perfect. It burst as loudly as it could. It thundered. But, what we saw because of the light emitted from the cracker made our day.

The person sitting on the roof was the warden and the cracker had fallen on his lungi. And, when he realised what he had been offered with, he stood up and started jumping around like a monkey. We ran back to our respective rooms as fast as we could. This was our victory. For the first time, everyone involved had become Lord Ram. There was unity and peace. I do feel bad for the warden but then again, revenge is a dish best served cold. Though it wasn’t supposed to happen. It was a BLAST !!

Good had triumphed once again, or was it evil that triumphed…? 😛