Before going to a hostel, every student starts wondering what kind of roommates fate has in stock for them. There are different kinds of roommates like, the obsessively clean roommate, the dominating roommate, the incorrigibly abusive roommate, the stinky roommate, the alcoholic/smoker roommate, and lastly the douchebag roommate. Obviously, everyone wants to get a good and humble roommate but well, not everyone is that fortunate.

Now, if you try to correct your incorrigibly abusive roommate, you definitely will be welcomed with more abuses. So, that can’t be helped. Case closed.

For your obsessively clean roommate, well, it’s a blessing in disguise since hostel life is pretty laid back for most kids. Hence, students don’t really keep their rooms clean except for those few roommates. I do agree, keeping the room clean is a drag. 😛

As for the stinky roommate, well, sometimes even gas masks are not enough to bear with the smell.

The alcoholic/smoker roommate will be the reason why your room will reek of alcohol and cigarette smoke. You might try to stop him for his sake and yours but, it is all going to go in vain.

The douchebag roommate, he is the most vexing of all. And, he is so damn stupid. He might call you up and tell you that he really needs you because, it’s an emergency. He will make it sound really serious and hence, no matter where you are or what you are doing, you rush to him just to find out that he is in a desperate need of your hotspot to recharge his cellphone. Because, the other people on the floor are dead and brick and mortar cellphone recharge shops are non existent in the 21st century. That lazy ass b**** !! -_-

Moreover, if you guys come from the same city, then he might ask you to get some of his stuff from his house. This stuff can exceed 8 kgs at times, and hence cause a hell lot of inconvenience at the airport. You can obviously tell him about the inconvenience. But, keep your guards up since he might say, “No bro, your stuff will weigh 7 kgs only and mine is going to be 8 kgs. It won’t be a problem, I guarantee you that.” Yes, He knows how much your baggages are going to weigh since he is your mom and he is going to pack your bag for you. Stupid jerk. This douchebag is probably going to be hated by most your floor mates as well.

This is not even the end of it. Some of them, for some reason, keep the fans and the AC on high speed, and on top of that they will pile themselves up with layers of blankets. Now, why can’t they just turn down the fans and the AC if they are feeling so cold. For some reason, they are hell bent on creating an igloo. And yes, they might not listen to you when they are listening to music on their speakers, even though you need to study. Of course, because headphones don’t exist. Such big chu***** they are!!