At any point in time during holidays, even if it is a preparation leave, an engineering student will not study or even touch his books unless and until, it is the night before the examination.

It is a known fact, that any engineering student, at any point in time, even if given a year for preparation for his examinations, will make sure that he tries his best to complete his portion no matter what only on the night before the exam.

It’s not last minute revision. For that you actually need to know at least a bit about the subject. Hence, we simply call it preparation.

Why ?

Obviously, because even if it is supposed to be a preparation leave, for an engineering student it is nothing more than another short lived summer vacation. This is the time when smokers smoke to the fullest, alcoholics drink till they end up throwing up and couples…well….they just sit anywhere and everywhere. During this preparation leave the campus looks as lively as it ever can.

In the first day of the preparation leave, there lingers an euphoric sense of freedom in the atmosphere. And, as the days pass by, this feeling starts dwindling down. Soon, it is replaced by a feeling of captivity and frustration.

When exactly does this happen?

The night before the actual exam.


Here, a lot of interesting things happen. Some learn new skills, some enhance them and others discover their skills. This is exactly where students excel at being creative.┬áIf you know what I mean…

The theory papers are relatively easy as most of the questions are straight forward. Hence, the amount of stress during these exams are less. But, when it comes to practical examinations. They are a real pain in the ass. Still some of them like, Chemistry, Physics and Computer practicals are easy to manage with a bit of luck but when it comes to subjects like Engineering Graphics, well, you just want to get over with it. They set a question paper which they themselves will most likely fail in if asked to answer it properly. They will fail in it no matter how many times they give the exam and, even if each time the questions stay unaltered. Every student fears practical exams. If you are not a mechanical engineer or civil engineer or an architect student then, this particular subject, Engineering Graphics is totally useless. Every single person fears failing in this subject. I’d rather drop out of engineering than having to repeat Engineering Graphics. I’d rather be drafting a plan to blow up the University than having to draft projections and sections of solids.

The only reason why we ask for the exam schedule is to know when it ends.

Lastly, almost every student relies on the relative grading system to pass and secure a good grade even if they don’t score that well. But, the bitter truth is that there is always going to be at least one student who will top the examinations letting every students grades and expectations down.

What to do with such a person?

Shoot the son of a b****!!

Examination kills !! -.-