So lets get straight to the point.

Who wants to pursue engineering in India ?

Well, almost every Indian. Being an Indian, and on my way to become a successful “ENGINEER” hopefully, I can assure you of this.

Why do people choose to pursue engineering ?

Actually, not all of them do. But, it is apparently the “SAFEST CHOICE” that apparently guarantees a “SECURE FUTURE” to the pursuer. Except of course, if your country is hit by a recession that according to statistics does render thousands of engineers “UNEMPLOYED”.

Statutory Warning: This might lead to a lot of stress and depression and other health and emotional issues but, what the hell, it is the “SAFEST CHOICE”.

Expectations people have when they say they want to pursue engineering you ask ?

I’ll tell you.

Expectation 1:

Well socially, maybe some free time, bunking as much as you want to, partying all night almost every other day, and finally, having a girl friend.

Reality Check:

There will be assignments, submissions, charts for engineering graphics, etc, etc. So ya a lot of free time we get. And bunking all you want ? If your attendance goes below 75% you are screwed. Fake medical certificates or apology letters won’t help you escape from this shit. Plus, you might be a victim to a hefty fine. Partying all night and almost everyday ? Sure if you don’t mind failing in your examinations and ignoring deadlines and what not.
And as for the girl friend you have always wanted, well, for mechanical engineering kids that mostly stays a dream and for CSE and IT kids, even though there are an abundance of girls in their respective branches, most of them are sadly taken and the few who are not, you probably wont even fall for them. The bitter truth.

Expectation 2:

Academically, maybe being able to work on cool equipments and learning about their working, working with electron microscopes and high power lasers, maybe finally learning the real life applications of the tons of theories that we have learnt about.

Reality Check:

Yes, voltmeter and ammeters are so damn cool. -.- And, yes, volumetric titration is so much better than high power lasers and electron microscopes. Who doesn’t love observing the change in color of the solutions. Real life applications you say ? What’s that again ??

So yes, welcome to engineering !!


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